The One Shot: XIX

In this little miniseries called The One Shot –  I’ll give the joint one shot to make that one good impression. Win me over and I will sing praises; fall flat and, well…

Getting together with family is always a treat, and when we sit together at the table it is, in my mind, some of the best memories I could ever wish for.

This year for Easter we decided to go have “brunch” instead of a familial repast at one of the parents’ homes.  My dad was the one who suggested we try XIX, or Nineteen, the club restaurant at Clovelly Golf Course.

Now I have worked at Country Clubs (read: golf clubs). In my former life I worked the hotline and large banquets for hundreds of people during the busy summer wedding season. So I know a thing or two about what to expect in this type of service.

Here are some things to observe when eating brunch:

The early bird gets the worm – if there are two seatings, especially in buffet form, go early and go often.  You will find that the food is the same but the quality delivered is a bit more sharp.

Look for simple – I had a great time today by mainly sticking to breakfast type foods (we were at the second seating).  The eggs Benedict had soft yolks and the pea meal bacon was cooked but not brittle.  Little sausages were cooked well  and not dried out by the chafing dishes. The tray of bacon was cooked by someone who likes perfectly cooked bacon – I could have eaten 10 pounds of the stuff.

What am I eating here? There were little signs near each station identifying the food; unfortunately they were on the outside of the chafing dishes instead of where one would generally look.  I would recommend in the future a smart tablet displayed at the front that can be read at a distance and substitutions made through service if needed.

Everything starts with good training –  the staff employed were the most unobtrusive but attentive wait staff I have encountered.  They were alert and always ready with extra coffee or tea and happily supplied double lots of milk for our table. In addition, manager came to our table to personally invite our little one to enter the colouring contest (even though she is only 2) and present her with a loot bag filled with non-edible but happily playful treats. A warm touch and it was well noted by our table.

Here’s the rub: it is a golf club, not what I would call a destination. There are better places in the downtown but our table had the vista over the ruddy brown greens, a view of sparkling fingers of silver thaw on the trees. We could only imagine that spring and a warm summer are soon on the way, and that was worth its weight in gold.

With happy memories and a full belly, XIX, you have won The One Shot.