The One Shot: Mohamed Ali

In this little miniseries called The One Shot –  I’ll give the joint one shot to make that one good impression. Win me over and I will sing praises; fall flat and, well…

When it comes to good food, variety is the the spice of life.

For too long in this little city of ours we have been dragging our ethnic heels, especially where food is concerned.  A decade ago you wouldn’t have ever seen anything exotic.  A handful of Chinese spots, a Thai spot a couple of curry houses and that, was just about it.

Now we can sport an authentic Korean joint, several Japanese inspired places, the same Chinese and curry houses but in the exact same spot where once was a Thai place on Duckworth Street is now a very cool hole  in the wall and it is called Mohamed Ali.

5 things that make an ethnic joint cool

  1.  Be authentic –  this place oozes authentic.  Form the cardamom coffee and spice spiked teas to the hot shwarma and kebab platters.  This place is authentic as it gets.
  2. Play to your strengths –  the menu is compact with few real choices but all of them are good.
  3. No music –  some places like to “put you in the mood” by playing over the top music of a specific geographical origin.  This place doesn’t.  Just the loud chatter of patrons and the walls covered pictures for sale by a local Middle Eastern artist. Simplicity at its finest.
  4.  Serve hot food hot and cold food cold –  no problems there.  From ordering to service in under 10 minutes and the contents of the kebab in a pita wrap was as hot as if it came off the grill.  Cold dips like hummus all cold from coolers.
  5. be of good value –  style points there.  We had an appetizer, two shwarma wraps, some cardamom spiked tea as well as baklava all for under $30.  Excellent value.

In all the years of living in this fine city I not once thought that a true Middle Eastern restauraunt would open. Now that it has I can say happily that Mohamed Ali has won its One Shot.