The One Shot: Red Rocks Grill

As someone who has worked in the food industry I am going to let you in on a little secret –  we really try not to talk out of turn when it comes to other food joints.  Sure we cut each other up when at the bar or having a drink with others, but we know that we might need a quick job at some time and our words follow us around – in some cases like stink –  so we should always be mindful of what we say.

That in mind I am starting a little miniseries called The One Shot –  in which I’ll give the joint one shot to make that one good impression. Win me over and I will sing praises; fall flat and, well…

Red Rocks Grill is on Topsail Road.  It used to be the old Home Hardware Store, before it became a video store before it became an average restaurant before it was transformed into Red Rocks Grill.

I give you 7 Tips to make a average first impression.

  1. Try seasoning food: that implies a little salt AND pepper.
  2. Try to leave the foil off the baked potato when serving it to guests. We are paying for dinner service not a backyard BBQ.
  3. Try and get the order right the first time: 7 tables and 18 covers does not a busy spot make
  4. Don’t serve BS to customers: chef lost your order ticket is euphemism for it got 86’d on the line and he couldn’t be arsed to check the tape are not the same thing when forgetting 2 out of 8 items on a 3-top.
  5. 33$ for grocery quality veg and average cooking skills isn’t highway robbery but it sure isn’t good business.
  6. If you give sauce, have enough for every bite. Not a spritz.
  7. A baked potato implies it came from an oven. A microwave oven does not count.

Here’s what you can do to improve:

Season as you go. Sprinkle salt and pepper a little at a time and taste food occasionally.  Use a bit of acid.

Make plates look nice.  We eat with our eyes first. Presentation and a little care can make an average looking plate look spectacular.

Have a call system. Call the order at the pass and repeat it verbally to the line.  Therefore if the server doesn’t hear a menu item it can be corrected on the line and on the fly.

Simple, honest answers work best.  Instead of “Chef lost the dupe,” say “We are sorry that the line misplaced your order for the sides you wanted. Shall I take them off the bill?”  Clear, simple and it provides a solution before the customer has a chance to become irate.

The rest speak for themselves.

Too often we walk into restaurant expecting one thing and getting an entirely different experience.  I had hoped the food would be good enough to return but when a simple mid week dinner costs nearly $100 without a single drop of wine and the food was average at best…I am sorry, but it doesn’t deserve a second chance.

Red Rocks Grill, you lost your One Shot.