To Veg-out

So I am a carnivore.  Or as my friend likes to say “Man didn’t get to the top of the food chain just to eat salad”.  There is a point to that –  or is there?

I love to eat meats of all sorts and I am  not afraid of any of them –  off cuts as well as underutilized parts as well.  It is just that we are getting into a rut lately and we have enjoyed the times when we have added at least one vegetarian meal to the weekly mix.  I can honestly say that I make a pretty killer veg curry now.

But this is it.   Is it just enough to say that there is room in our kitchen to experiment with vegetarian cooking or it it time to take a larger step and look at going vegetarian for a week, a month…a year?

This is not a cry to be convinced this is a lifestyle choice. and I have no real ethical dilemmas in eating any animals –  raised or wild. I think that as a consumer of them that if you understand where it comes from and it is not wasted in any way then it is all right.

I am just thinking that as a whole nose to tail eater of meats perhaps it is time to become a root to tip eater of vegetables –  I mean throw myself into the deep end and go for it and make the same commitiment that i make when I buy meat  to the vegetables that come along with it.

I think it is time for a real carnivore to look at eating only vegetables for a bit even if it comes to being only a week. Give the vegetables a chance to shine.  Give peas a chance. 🙂